My work is designed for individuals who demonstrate the commitment to shift inherited and/or self-created thought patterns in order to perform to the highest capacity in their career and life.

What should you know:

I am a coach, not a "fixer." I am a guide, a task-giver, a supporter, and a supervisor. I will structure and accompany you on a developmental journey where you'll learn how to coach yourself and become your own guide and compass.

Through discovering, experiencing, and practicing, I will help you create for yourself new habits that will strengthen your ability to listen, trust and take action in order to achieve what is important for you.

Commitment and accountability are important. Engaging in this practice is literally like exercising your muscles at the gym. If you don't put the work, they can't grow stronger.

If we agree on the above, then together we’ll form a partnership and a personalized coaching program to create an immediate, upward shift for you to go into action and reach the next level of performance with dramatically improved, long-term, measurable results. 

Coaching is a relationship, and it has to be the right fit for both parties. For this purpose, contact me for a free 45-minute introductory session, and we’ll take it from there!

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How Can I Help? 

I offer one-on-one personal and professional coaching as well as a wide range of group development workshops specifically tailored to you or your organization.




Very often, athletes realize that the failure to achieve their objectives is related to poor or inadequate preparation of psychological strategies. Physical training is not the only component of an athlete's preparation, and working longer and harder most of the time is not the solution. It is important to understand the psychological skills needed by the individual athlete, preparing and practicing under the necessary mental conditions in order to achieve the best physical performance.


Being an artist may be one of the most mentally challenging jobs, and the old, commonly held belief that artists must suffer, struggle, and starve before anything good happens certainly does not promoting self-confidence. My coaching system is designed to help you transform the challenges you confront and give you a personal tool box that you'll be able to use at any time.


We have many goals we want to attain–a career change, a better balance between work and home life, a new relationship, etc.–but often, we "get distracted" and never reach the finish line. Why? What is in between those dreams and the reality in which we live? How can we close that gap? My coaching is a partnership in which you commit to doing the work required in order to conquer your limitations and become the person you dream to be.


I specialize in leadership development, team alignment, and team effectiveness. In a team, it is important that members know and understand themselves while understanding the personalities of their teammates and the effect everyone's behavior has on the group. This allows for the development of a shared vision. Ultimately, coaching a group is about developing each individual to be an integral part of the organization in which they work. Each workshop is uniquely tailored to each organization.

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation"



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I have spent my entire adult life teaching, training, and consulting–first in sports, later in theatre, and also in business. I have studied multiple disciplines involving the mind, body, and spirit, from the holistic practice of art therapy in theater, painting, and sculpture to my certification as personal trainer and bodywork professional in massage and nutrition.


Originally from Padua, Italy, I relocated to the US in 2004, and I now spend my time in both countries, having had the great fortune of developing working relationships with residents there and around the world.


​In my 25-year career, I have founded and managed many businesses and art organizations, and many are still independently operating today. I am currently the founder and director of THE SCHOOL FOR THEATRE CREATORS and its Italian branch, PADOVARTS ACADEMY, where I have the honor of leading teams of teachers with a wide diversity of experiences in sport, acting, directing and writing. 


The foundation of each of these experiences was coaching, and today they play a key role in my coaching practice, providing me with an array of tools available for any situation. Living and working around the world has presented me with a wealth of expertise, allowing me to collaborate with a variety of cultures. Most importantly, these experiences have given me the ability to service a wide variety of clients, from the sports world to the arts to business, customizing my work based on the needs and goals of my clients.

  • Certified Mental coach

  • Diploma in physical fitness, group & personal training instructor 

  • Masters Diploma in Theatre Pedagogy (École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq– Parigi, France) 

  • Certified Art therapist and bodywork professional in massage and nutrition balance


Mastermind Groups are a synergy of energy, commitment and excitement, where participants partner up together to raise the bar by challenging each other, creating and implementing goals, brainstorming ideas, and supporting each other with honesty, respect and compassion.

What You'll Get By Participating in a Mastermind Group

  • Increase your own experience and confidence

  • Sharpen your business and personal skills

  • Create real progress in your life

  • Add an instant and valuable support network

  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming

  • Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members

  • Create plans and have the group hold you accountable for fulfilling your plans and goals

  • Receive critical insights into yourself

  • The sense of a shared endeavor - there are others out there! 

How Mastermind Group Works

Groups meet on a specific schedule via teleconference by computer or telephone to allow participants to be present from anywhere in the world. The agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation is key. 

Groups are limited to a small number of members. This allows members to bond and work deeply on their goals and challenges in a small group environment. 

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